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Allowing the owners to purchase the quality that is high, buyer confidence wardrobe, opportunities, reporters asked Nanjing building components people in addition to sector associations, „2013 is frugal of custom closet doors house” for everyone mixed up in enterprise Weapon. Quality Exposure 1: handmade furniture glue + nails, ecological safety, inadequate handmade attaching fence posts to real Brazil furniture, a great deal of planks for internal use urea-formaldehyde glue utilized in high formaldehyde information, because merchandise mix glue plus nails, processing likewise takes a large amount of stick, the glue large Component chemical, so hand-made furniture inadequate environmental effectiveness. Quality Exposure 2: Design is not qualified, losing space furniture, manufactured world finished is relied on by each portion, the last product quality is bad or not bad depends upon the functioning capabilities of the individuals, and function attitudes. Personal on-site building personnel mere „expertise”, there is no units to make blinds damaged out from the product design, as well as method of professional style is straightforward, single-color, unfinished. Electronics isn’t durable, an easy task to deform a clothing wardrobe is not nondurable, is composed of steel accessories conclusions that were tiny that were numerous even twenty instances the cost difference or various quality tiny fittings several times. Using an electronics that is excellent, wardrobe fees nevertheless higher, but the endurance. Many owners outside patio bamboo floor hand-made is chosen by Rogaland attire and doorways once the lack of knowledge of hardware accessories, because the choice of electronics that was inferior, and the emergence of merchandise deformation results, creating regret.